5 Chrome Apps/Extensions Literacy Teachers Need to Add Now!

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A common question I receive from literacy teachers is what apps and extensions I have added to my Chrome browser. While my list is extensive, I have chosen 5 apps and extensions that I feel literacy teachers should consider adding to their own browser. First, let me simplify the difference between an app and extension.

Extension – Extends your web browser improving functionality. The icon for your extensions on located on the top, right side of the web browser.

App – An app, added to your chrome browser, acts as a portal to transport you to a different interface than you are currently on.

  1. Nearpod -Nearpod is a classroom tool that allows interations and assessment options. Nearpod is a Chrome App that engages students and is device-friendly. I also like the multiple question/response options provided. From an open-ended response option to a drawing one, using your trackpad or touch-screen, Nearpod is an essential to explore!
  2. Snagit – Snagit is a Chrome extension by TechSmith. Use Snagit to caputre your screen. Grab an image from your screen, record a video of your screen and share seemlessly, or create a GIF from a short video. Snagit would be great for annotations, demonstrations, and can easily be shared with others, making it perfect for collaboration.
  3. Padlet – Padlet extension allows you to post the link to any  webpage to a previously created “wall”. This extension would be a quick way to share resouces with students, or could be used collaboratively to support small group work.
  4. Newsela – Newsela is a Chrome app.
    Newsela publishes daily new articles that are leveled to support readers needing the same content but are at different reading levels. Newsela also provides core alignment and a set of comprehension questions for students utilize.
  5. Easybib – The world’s largest citation machine. Click the extension to cite the webpage, apply specific formatting, recieve information on the credibility of the website. The amount of digital information available online magnifies the need to model to our students the reliability, relevance, and citation information of online sources.

These 5 apps and extensions are useful additions for any educator to add to their browser. Each, when applied and aligned to specific learning targets, support readers and writers. What favorites would you add to this list?

Friday Awesomeness: 3 New Chrome Extensions

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate with 3 New Chrome Extensions that help make teaching and learning AWESOME!

 bkpenclhmiealbebdopglffmfdiilejc-logo Tab Resize

Tab Resize allows users to split their screens and resize tabs. Great for side by side comparisons, multiple monitors, research, and organization. No more flipping between tabs or windows. With Tab Resize, you can customize to fit your needs.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.52.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.59.02 PM                                                                            Video Downloader Professional    

Video use within my classroom or in presentations helps to engage an audience, tell a story, or transition into a different activity. This Chrome extension allows the user to download videos (if legal) or collect them into a library to access easily and without distraction on the rest of the page. Use Video Downloader Professional to keep all of your videos in one place!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.19.49 PM

imgres                                                                        SpeechPad

One of my new favorites! SpeechPad is an extension that allows diction into any text field on the web. Holding down the Control key in a text box and clicking on the trackpad, Speechpad appeared as an option (see image below). It also has a “settings” page where you can designate the specific language spoken! Perfect for foreign language class innovations! I tried it out on twitter and it worked on the first try!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.16.09 PM