My Guilty Addiction: EdCamps

Tomorrow, March 8, is #EdCampIowa which, justifiably so, claims the title of “Biggest EdCamp” in the nation. With five locations spanning the state, Iowa Educators, along with a smattering of out-of-staters will participate in a day of learning, collaborating, and connecting! And while the cost is appealing (FREE) and the sessions fit everyone’s needs (Organic and slotted the day of the EdCamp), I do have one small (well, ok large) issue with tomorrow’s event…MULTIPLE SITES.

You see, I am an EdCamp addict. Not quite as bad as a couple of my friends (girls, you shall remain nameless but you are in a few of the pictures below), but addicted nonetheless. Attending #EdCampIowa in Cedar Falls tomorrow will make number 6 for me; I like to keep my travels local so as not to upset my husband, attending ones in Iowa, Chicago, and Omaha. And I do enjoy the learning, please don’t get me wrong, but EdCamps for me are SOCIAL. Nothing inspires me more than conversing with a group of educators (that I have only met virtually until EdCamp) at Five Guys stuffing greasy burgers in our mouthes. Snapping photos and exchanging awkward introductions at tweetups only to find that five minutes later we have solved all of the problems in education by simply changing grading practices. A surprise out-of-state attendee; an unscheduled, quiet conversation with a group of thinkers in an open room; shaking hands; exchanging twitter handles; winning swag.

Having multiple sites makes sense on paper. Yes, more locations for attendees with far less distance to travel. This idea will benefit many, but for me, a social EdCamper, I cringe knowing  I want to be at all of the sites at the same time. It’s like trying to choose between children, TOUGH. (Insert dramatic music here)

****Composes self****

I wish everyone a Happy EdCampIowa tomorrow! For all of the first timers I give you the following advice:

  1. You can wear jeans.
  2. Bring multiple devices.
  3. If you choose a session that just isn’t working for you, leave.
  4. Have fun and connect with as many people as possible.
  5. And if you find yourself addicted at the end of the day, for whatever reason, tweet me, I have just the remedy!