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10 Ways Parents Can Support Their Young Readers

This blog post is part of the CM Rubin World Global Search for Education which poses a question each month to leading educators for reflection and sharing. This month’s question is “When it comes to fostering a lifelong love of … Continue reading

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Guided Reading Made Simple

Guided Reading is appropriate for any grade level and is part of a balanced literacy program. Even as adults, we gain skills to understand new or difficult texts (epubs, infographics, poetry, microblogging). Guided reading helps educators differentiate in the classroom … Continue reading

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Public Behavior Charts: Just Say No!

Grace emerged from the bus last. I could tell from the look on her face that she was upset. She looked in my eyes and immediately broke down, tears streaming down her cheeks and unable to catch her breath through … Continue reading

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3 Needs I Have as a Parent-Educator and How Bloomz Can Help

This year, around 55 million students are heading back to school and I am the mom of two of them. Wearing multiple hats as both a mother and an educator can be a difficult job that many in this field … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Motivate Young Readers

Question: How do we do a better job of cultivating young readers?  The panacea to motivate young readers – an observant and informed teacher! Informed educators use variety of tools and resources to cultivate readers; from  reading inventories, and noticing … Continue reading

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