A Challenge: We Have to Stop Pretending


Tagged by my good friend, Beth Still, who took Scott McLeod’s challenge, which asked educators to create a top 5 list of things to “Stop Pretending” (in education) I offer my response:

When it comes to education we need to stop pretending…

  1. That literacy; modeling, practice, and teaching is confined to the ELA classroom.
  2. That letter grades are the best way to inform us of the skills and competencies a student possesses.
  3. That… Rewards + Compliance = Learning.
  4. That the climate and the culture of a building doesn’t affect student learning or teacher morale.
  5. That technology will fix bad teaching.


My list contained many more thoughts, but these 5 resonated with me, as I hope they do you!


I tag: Erin Olson, Jimmy Casas, Cornelius Minor, Rafranz Davis, Tom Murray, and Jeff Zoul


I challenge you to write about education and what we need to “Stop Pretending”. If you write a post, please tag it with #MakeSchoolDifferent




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