Readbox, The Contemporary Book Report: Video Trailers, QR Codes, & Mobile Sharing

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Redbox, Hulu, & DVR have made the video rental store obsolete.  In our mobile society, consumers appreciate the ease, speed and ubiquity of entertainment.  This ever evolving industry provides inspiration for my newest idea…. enter, Readbox.

The Readbox,  aka the Redbox of literacy, displays student created promotional materials shared through a QR code that is printed and placed on the Readbox hanging in the library or classroom.

Just as a student would talk about a movie they recently watched, or share a movie trailer link to a friend; the Readbox would mimic the same concept. Through a variety of modes, students publish and share their current reads, enticing peers to check out a new release, their favorite romance author, or an engaging account of a young soldier during battle.

Technology has morphed the traditional book report into a multimedia display of student knowledge about a text recently read. Whether a book trailer on YouTube,  a podcast with the author, or a blog post shared on Blogspot;  student choice in project increases cognitive demand when working with a text. Answering the question… what makes this a good read? and then deciding on a medium to not only display their argument but also to share with a different audience than the traditional, lone teacher; increases engagement and relevance. … not to mention it is fun.

Upon publication, students use a free QR code generator. Cut and paste the link to their project, hit create, & download their unique QR code to be displayed on the Readbox.  When a student is pondering what to read next,  a simple scan of the QR code via their smartphone provides a multitude of options, all of which are created by their peers.

Choosing the perfect book to read, encouraging resistant readers to pick up a book, and promoting a love of reading can all be accomplished through The Readbox.  While teachers may have different objectives,  teaching points, or standards aligned to the “book report” itself; this contemporary alternative is a perfect way to engage students and promote a culture of literacy in the building.


(and in case you were wondering, the 2 larger QR codes above work, videos from my former students)

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