Advice That Hurts…

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As I prepare to begin my second year as a consultant for a state organization, a conversation I had with an administrator many months ago weighs heavily on my mind. Actually, one sentence he stated specifically.

“If you want to make any sort of impact on education you need to get back into a building, not work as a consultant.”

Upon the completion of my graduate degree, I knew I wanted to pursue a different type of leadership role within the education field. I debated, and am still debating, if being a principal or superintendent is the right calling for me, but I knew it was time for me to take a new career path. As luck would have it, a position opened up that provided opportunity to blend my passions of literacy and technology while assisting districts with school improvement initiatives. As I explained to my son one day, my new role would allow me to have an impact on the education of many students across the state. I was proud of this opportunity.

That is, until I realized that some view my job as detached and uninspiring.

The one sentence mumbled in the middle of a conversation is something I think about weekly. And although I do not have a clear opinion yet, I reflect upon it often.


to be continued….

3 thoughts on “Advice That Hurts…

  • Some may view it that way, but it doesn’t mean that is true. It’s about the person, not the position. One teacher may lack enthusiasm and inspiration while another may be the most dynamic educator that leaves life-lasting impressions. In that way, I think YOU are the deciding factor – what are you doing to be an inspiring, effective consultant? Are teachers making positive changes because of your guidance? You have to make an impact where you are & not live with any regrets. Smile! 🙂

  • Some consultants are duds; some are inspiring. As you know, the same is true of teachers and administrators.

    You will be a difference-maker no matter what role you’re in.

    Keep going.

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