So You Want to Be a Teacher: Interview Tips


April is fast approaching, which means interview season in the teaching profession. Below are a few tips to consider to help you land the teaching job of your dream!

Prior to Interview:

  • Time the route to the interview location; nothing says “Don’t Hire Me” like arriving late.
  • Google self; make sure your online presence transmits professionalism (facebook, twitter, linkedin).
  • Professional dress; as a nice touch, wear a tie or blouse that matches the school color(s).
  • Resume; print 5 copies of your resume to hand out at the interview in case someone does not have it.
  • Do your research; show interest in the school by reading their website. Make connections during interview.
  • Author(s) and Question(s); many times an interviewee will be asked what they are currently reading or which theorists have shaped their practice, be sure to have a few names in mind. Also, think of  questions to ask at the end of the interview when prompted.

The Interview:

  • Punctuality; arrive 15 minutes early to the interview.
  • Breath; NO GUM, but a breath mint before the interview is a good plan!
  • First impressions; whether interviewed by one or many, as soon as you walk into the building you are being interviewed. Introduce yourself to the secretary, say hello to the students you pass, and before being seated, look at each employee, smile, and give them the “Power Handshake”.
  • Specifics; providing specific, personal examples for questions asked will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.
  • Notes; having a piece of paper and pen to jot notes or questions. This will help you cover all important areas.
  • Pause; when needing a bit more time to digest a question start with the phrase, “Great question, I need a moment to collect my thoughts” to buy yourself time.
  • Smile; although interviews are nerve-racking, smile, make eye contact, and relax.
  • Sell yourself; to set yourself apart from the others be sure to highlight skills that show you are a team player, responsible, and willing to learn. Relationships matter, and while some may be hired based on “skill” most are fired based on “attitude”.
  • Kids first; always, always, always remember the reason you are there, Students First!

After the Interview:

  • Decisions; it is perfectly fine to ask when a decision will be made on the candidate chosen to be hired.
  • Thank You; be sure to send  a handwritten Thank You note (not an email, tweet, or post) to the administration thanking them for the interview, highlighting your qualities, and showing your enthusiasm for the school.
  • E-mail; a short email to the principal a few days after you send the Thank You is appropriate as well.
  • Celebrate; after completing your first interview, the ones following will seem less daunting. And who knows, one may be all it takes to land your “Dream Job”.

Best of Luck, and Welcome to the Best Profession on the Planet!


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