A New Beginning

No, I am not new to the blogging world, and this isn’t my first rodeo; but I have decided to retire my old blog and create a new one. So this is it, welcome! And while I will still write about literacy and technology, this blog will include a larger view of education fostered by new learning and opportunities.


After thirteen years as a high school English teacher in small town Iowa,  I began a new “edventure” as a school improvement consultant for AEA267 this past August. As with any change, there have been many ups and downs beginning this new career. And when things get tough, besides reaching out to a few of my supports, I remember a post I read last year when I was considering this job offer. Written by Vicki Davis  “Developing a Mindset to Go from Good to Great,” the first sentence has continually resonated with me, “Sometimes in order to be great, you’ve got to leave some good things behind.”

So, after 13 years in the high school I have finally graduated, and just like all of my past seniors, I find myself treading in unfamiliar waters. I am excited, nervous, and continuously learning, all at the same time! And although I left a good school with awesome students; my sails are set, my goals are lofty, and I am eager to meet challenges knowing  great things are ahead!

(p.s. thank you to Aaron Becker, whose small comment encouraging me to share last week has has sparked this change ~ grateful)

About sfarnsworth

Educational Services Consultant: Literacy, Technology, and AIW. Certified Google Innovator. Staff Developer
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